A Few Of Our Clients

Connie Fairbanks
Actress and best-selling cookbook author

Client: Connie Fairbanks

Project: Create a branding web site for Connie and her cookbooks

Designed and created a branding web site for Connie and her Scrath-That Cookbook line and active career as an actress.

Bike rack and supplies manufacturer

Client: Yakima

Project: Create a intranet warehouse and shopping cart system.

Created an intranet portal for storage and retreival of Yakima branding images, audio and video for internal marketing use.

Software, video console and game manufacturer

Client: Microsoft

Project: XBox live game reward system, live.com reward system

Design of a reward and processing system for an XBox themed online soccer flash game and data extracts. Processing and handling of a Live.com email referral datasets on a regular interval.

Leisure Travel
Travel planning and hotel booking/reservations

Client: Leisure Travel

Project: Travel and reservation website.

Design and implement a travel site that handles hotel, auto rentals and airline booking using a global 3rd party data provider and incorporating company owned hotels into the search results and booking engine.

Seritas, LLC.
Auto website hosting and design

Client: Seritas, LLC.

Project: Migration of SQL Server and infrastructure planning.

Migration and upgrade of current SQL Server databases and architectural growth plan for a quickly growing Microsoft based web and database server farm.

Alganon/Quest Online
A fantasy based MMORPG

Client: Quest Online

Project: Database design, development and billing system

Co-developement of game client/server and website backend databases. Architecture and management of a web based game billing system for game players and subscriptions.

Angus Association of America
Nationwide Black Angus registration

Client: Angus Association of America

Project: Intranet/Internet web design and database development and reporting

Co-development of web sites (external and interal) and migration from Cold Fusion and ASP to ASP.NET. Database development and optimization.

Mouth Watering Recipes
Recipe management website

Client: Mouth Watering Recipes

Project: Created a database driven recipe management website.

Design and developement of website and backend SQL server databases.

Academic Sucess
Life coaching and e-commerce website

Client: Academic Sucess

Project: Created a database driven website with custom shopping cart & PayPal® integration.

Design and developement of website, backend SQL server databases and custom shopping cart with PayPal® integration.

Rounbehler Construction, Inc.
Custom home builder website

Client: Rounbehler Construction, Inc.

Project: Created and maintain website.

Design and developement of website.

Building Strong Marriages
Christian marriage ministry website

Client: Building Strong Marriages

Project: Created a database driven website with mass email distribution system.

Design and developement of website, backend SQL server databases and email distribution system.